Maria Osminina

Maria Osminina is a designer specializing in collectible contemporary furniture. She graduated from Saint Petersburg’s University of Technology and Design.

Then Maria practiced and studied classical and contemporary art in search of her concept, artistic style and techniques. Maria’s art is abstract, she doesn’t use any figurative shapes. As a minimalist she seeks for the perfect line which is very important. This perfect sophisticated line connects with noble materials to create beauty and the moment of timelessness. 

Maria explores the transformation of the space in which a person lives with the sculptural, but functional objects. Functionality is essential to push the boundaries of interaction. These are objects of art with which you can come in contact.

Pavel Osminin

Pavel Osminin is a multidisciplinary artist who study the human existence. He do artistic search through the creation of digital works with the techniques of computer graphics, photography, conceptual art, software development.

With the help of these various techniques and their combination, the artist gets the opportunity to experiment and observe the processes in search of answers to internal questions lying in the field of humanistic thought.